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Steel Fiber In Flooring

Steel Fiber In Flooring

Steel Fiber In Flooring provides excellent resistance to reduce breaks in hardened concrete , along with highest possible resistance to endure heavy loads , both dynamic or static . If you choose to utilize steel fiber concrete flooring , you may opt for to use a ‘joint-less floor’ . Joint-less flooring are floorings having very small joints , offering gaps without joints as large as forty or fifty meter span broad .

Steel fiber quantity will differ tremendously upon the project intended use , along with the kinds of mesh getting replaced . Typical dosages are actually in the range between 15-30kg/m3 to 40-50kg/m3 for joint-less floorings .Steel fibers will certainly improve to break resistance of the concrete , they usually can also be useful to replace or supplement structural reinforcement . Nevertheless this only can be achieved through a structural engineer or possibly the design offered by our designing expert .

Where you should Use Steel Fiber In Flooring :

Common applications for steel fiber concrete flooring are found on
• Parking lots
• Industrial Floorings
• Playgrounds
• Airport runways
• Maintenance hangars
• Port pavements
• Workshops.

Advantages of Steel Fiber In Flooring :

• Enhanced load bearing capacity of concrete
• Lowering of concrete slab thick-ness
• Load capacity is not decreased by concrete cracks
• Improved durability
• Lower maintenance costs
• Enhanced flexural properties
• Decreased absorption of fluid , chemicals , and etc .
• Can be used on fast track schedule
• Easier positioning of joints
• Decreased site labor for controlling steel reinforcement
• Decreased project cost
• Enhanced impact as well as abrasion resistance
• Even distribution of fibers all through the concrete
• Stronger surface with lesser bleed holes
• Cost savings will be increased for heavier crack control systems