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Usage of Toughcrete & Toughcrete+(Steel Fiber)


They can be added during or after the batching of concrete. Materials used, batching, mixing and testing shall confirm to the applicable sections of ASTM C1116 and ASTM C1436. Care shall be taken not to add Toughcrete/Toughcrete+ as the first ingredient while batching and mixing concrete. While using Toughcrete(steel fibre), care should be taken to ensure proper dosing method of fibres and mixing of all the ingredients of concrete so as to avoid any balling effect of fibres. Toughcrete+ are glued steel fibres where separation of fibres take place during the mixing process thereby eliminating the possibility of balling effect.

In large project sites where batching plants are in use and also in readymix concrete plants it is recommended that steel fibre dosing equipment are used.


Toughcrete & Toughcrete+ steel fibres concrete can be placed by pumping, by truck shuts, shotcreting, slipform pavers or using conventional methods and equipment of placing. Although SFRC (Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete) looks stiffer, it’s relatively easy to place and consolidate. Care shall be taken to avoid addition of extra water to increase workability. This will lead to alteration of water-cement ratio and eventually affect the strength of concrete.


Conventional finishing techniques and equipment can be used for finishing Toughcrete/Toughcrete+ steel fibres concrete. Needle vibrators, Plate vibrators as well as power screeds can also be used on Toughcrete/Toughcrete+ steel fibres concrete.

While using Toughcrete/Toughcrete+ steel fibres for road pavements, the broom finishing to the surface shall be done just after the water sheen practically disappears and prior to application of curing compound.

Dosage of Toughcrete & Toughcrete+

General dosage of Toughcrete/Toughcrete+ in concrete can vary from be 15 to 150 Kg/m3 of concrete, depending upon its application. However, Structural Engineer’s advice is recommended for deciding actual dosage.

Packaging of Toughcrete & Toughcrete+

Toughcrete/Toughcrete+(steel fibre)  is available in HDPE woven sacks of 15, 20 & 25 Kgs.

Safety Precautions

It is recommended to use gloves and eye protection devices during handling and usage of Toughcrete & Toughcrete+ steel fibers.