High Performance Concrete

Toughcrete/Toughcrete+(Steel Fibre) for High Performance Concrete

High performance concrete (HPC) is being used commonly in high-rise buildings as well as infrastructure projects, worldwide, for quite some time now. Use of steel fibres in such concrete has been a recent phenomenon. Such concrete is called as ‘Ultra-high performance steel fibers in concrete (UHPFRC)’ and has several advantages over normal HPC.

Addition of Toughcrete or Toughcrete+(steel fiber) to HPC helps in improving the mechanical properties of concrete, thereby improving its overall performance as well as service life.


Benefits of Toughcrete & Toughcrete+ in HPC

  • Improved ductility of concrete
  • Improved compressive strength
  • Improved tensile strength
  • Improved sheer & torsion strength
  • Improved flexural strength
  • Improved performance under impact loading
  • Improved toughness
  • Improved aesthetic appeal of concrete structures


Commercial advantages of Toughcrete & Toughcrete+ (steel fiber) in HPC

  • Higher grades of concrete can be achieved thereby helping in overall reduction in sections of concrete members
  • Complicated structural as well as architectural members can be designed and constructed using UHPFRC


Applications of Toughcrete & Toughcrete+ in HPC

  • High rise residential as well as commercial buildings
  • Stadia and sports arenas
  • Public utility buildings such as airports and shopping malls
  • Bridges and fly-overs with longer spans
  • Aesthetic canopies
  • All other heavy-duty yet aesthetic concrete structures

For optimum results of Toughcrete & Toughcrete+(steel fibre) kindly refer to the hand-out- ‘Get the best out of Toughcrete & Toughcrete+ on Usage; Dosage; Packaging and Safety Precautions available on this website