Micro Silica

Strongcrete Microsilica is a concrete additive for high-strength-high-performance concrete. It helps make concrete cohesive and impermeable thereby enhancing its physical as well as mechanical properties. Use of Strongcrete along with cement can also lead to greater economy and faster execution of projects. Strongcrete is a reliable, cost effective concrete additive that is designed for ease of mixing, placing and finishing.

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Features & Benefits of Strongcrete

  • Complies with ASTM C1240.
  • Available in convenient pack sizes of 50Kgs.
  • Provides cohesive and impermeable concrete.
  • Suitable for making high-strength-high-performance concrete.
  • Helps improve physical as well as mechanical properties of concrete.
  • Helps in preventing Chloride initiated corrosion, Alkali-aggregate reaction, Sulphate attack, etc.
  • Helps in achieving greater economy since higher strength of concrete enables reduction in sections.
  • No special equipment required for mixing, placing or finishing.
  • Compatible with all types of cements and admixtures.
  • Backed by team of specialists to ensure optimum product performance and cost efficiency.

Usage of StrongCrete

StrongCrete can be added during or after the batching of concrete. Materials used, batching, mixing and testing shall confirm to the applicable sections of ASTM C1116 and ASTM C1436. Care should be taken not to add StrongCrete as the first ingredient while batching and mixing concrete.

Conventional finishing techniques and equipment can be used for finishing
StrongCrete concrete. Needle vibrators as well Plate vibrators can also be used on
StrongCrete concrete.

Dosage of StrongCrete:
General dosage of StrongCrete in concrete can be 4 to 15 % of the weight of cement.
However, the Structural Engineer’s advice is recommended for deciding actual dosage.

Safety Precautions:
It is recommended that gloves, eye and nose protection devices are used during handling and usage of StrongCrete.

StrongCrete concrete can be placed by pumping, shotcreting or using conventional method and equipment of placing.

Packaging of  StrongCrete:
StrongCrete is available in  HTP bags of 25Kgs.

StrongCrete in comparison to Cement as well as other Cementitious materials

PropertyOPC CementClass F FlyAshClass C FlyAsh Strongcrete
SiO2 content %21523585
Al2O3 content %52318-
Fe2O3 content %3116-
CaO content %62521< 1
Fineness m2/kg37042042017000
Specific Gravity3.152.382.652.22
Use in concrete Primary binder Cement replacement Cement replacement Property enhancer

Improvements in Physical properties 

Strongcrete makes concrete more cohesive and therefore less prone to segregation. Strongcrete requires less water in concrete which helps in reducing bleeding of concrete considerably. A dosage of Strongcrete in excess of 5% of cement can help in completely eliminating bleeding.

Improvements in Mechanical properties 

Strongcrete makes concrete high-strength-high-performance, which helps in enhancing the other mechanical properties of concrete such as modulus of elasticity or flexural strength. This property of Strongcrete can help in reducing sections of structural members, which can lead to more space in residential and commercial buildings; and greater flexibility in designing infrastructures such as bridges and fly-overs.