MS Wires

We are world class MS Wire Manufacturers in India offering a wide range of quality wires to our customers. Using the latest technologiesalong with high quality continuous wire drawing machines, we manufacture a wide range of wires that are suitable for different applications.

Mild Steel wires at Precision Drawell are made from high grade raw materials for longer service life. Our wiles are known for high standards and tensile strength. Available in various sizes and most prominently used for electro galvanizing, copper coating, packaging industry, balls and taper roller bearings, braiding hoses, chains, conveyor belts, needles, screws, bolts to name a few. They are also used to manufacture various automotive products. We are a leading MS Wire and Steel Wire Manufacturer in India.

We manufacture MS wires, steel wires in rectangular, square and trapezoidal cross sections.  Properties like tensile strength, coil weight, hardness, and size tolerance are maintained as per customer specifications.

Our primary concern is to meet the customer’s requirement and deliver the product within stipulated time span. Urgent requirements are also welcomed and fulfilled on time.  We leave no stones unturned to ensure that the wires that are dispatched match the customer specifications and standards. We have trust worthy logistic services which ensures complete safety of the product so you get a good value for your money.


Size: 10MM TO 1MM
Quality Standards: SAE 1006, SAE1010,SAE 1008

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