PC wire

High Tensile Wire and Strand for pre-stresses in concrete structure by virtue of improved proportional limit, higher ductility combined with higher strengths. They may be supplied in drawn or drawn straightened or stress relieved conditions. They can also be supplied in plain or indented finish. These are manufactured to different international standards and to the specific requirement of each customer.

Product Description & Specifications

  1. 3 Ply x 3 mm High Tensile Steel Stranded Wires as per IS 6006-1983 (Un-coated) used in Pre-stressed Concrete Industry.This is used in large bridges, Flyovers, Ports and Road Dividers.
  2. 4 mm Ht wire (Indented) as per IS 6003-1983 Hard Drawn and Stress Relieved for use in Pre-stressed Concrete Industry. This is used in manufacture of Poles & Spun Poles for electrification and telecommunication
  3. 2.50-5.00 mm as drawn wire as per IS 1785-Part-II of 1983-Plain Hard Drawn Steel Wire for Pre-stressed Concrete Industry (Stress Relieved)


  1. Improves the bond strength between pre-stressed steel wire and. concrete.
  2. Reduces the frictional losses between Pre stressed concrete wire and concrete wire
  3. Increases the anchorage efficiency.
  4. Maintains higher effective pre-stressing force in the structure.
  5. Reduces the number of operations at the customer end.
  6. PC wire, Concrete Pole Wire, 4mm intended PC wire and 3 x 3 PC wire.