Resin Capsules Manufactures in India

Resin Capsule

Precision Resin Capsules are based on specially selected thixotropic polyester resin and catalyst components in single pack cartridge/capsule form. It is inserted into the anchor hole and gets ruptured with the rotation of the bolt during the installation; the catalyzed resin spreads around the anchor bolt and grouts the annular space. Chemical reaction between the two components during mixing results into high strength solid anchor.

Applications of Resin Capsules:

  • For high strength corrosion resistant anchoring of bolts from 12-40 mm diameter in concrete, brick work, masonry or rock, where high speed of installation and early application of load is required
  • Bolts for anchoring machinery to foundation
  • Crane and rail track fixing
  • Grout anchors in rock
  • Roof support in tunnels and mines
  • Rock slope stabilization
  • Single sided shuttering support
  • Safety barriers and fencing fixtures
  • Pipe and cable support