Shaped Wires

Generally known as profiledwires, allow complicated geometries as well as cross-sections. These particular kinds of wires are manufactured from high carbon steel; stainless-steel in combination with low carbon steel, according to the clients need, in rectangularflatpiesemi-circle and trapezoidal patterns. These wires can also be modified to meet customer’s exact requirements in annealed and drawn finish.

Stainless steel profiled wires, also known as stainless steel shaped wires, are extruded shapes such as rods, bars, ducts, tubes, cross-sections, etc., of stainless-steel alloy. These shapes of stainless are achieved by means of a metalworking method called extrusion.

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  • In automobile sector for manufacturing of washers,springs, wipers, cir clips, arms, cutting blades, auto cables (inner as well as outer).
  • Engineering industries.
  • kitchen accessories, utensils, and many more.
Cross SectionThicknessThickness : WidthCorners
Min (mm)Max (mm)
Flat0.500.907 timesNatural/sharp
1.002.006 timesNatural/sharp
2.103.004 timesNatural/sharp
Cross SectionThickness x widthCorners
Min (mm)Max (mm)
Square0.7 x 0.78.0 x 8.0Round/sharp
Rectangular0.5 x 0.96.0 x 10.0Round/sharp
Trapezoidal1.2 x 1.86.0 x 10.0Natural/ Round/sharp
Cross SectionThickness/widthCorners
Min (mm) Max (mm)
Half round1.4/0.710.0/5.04 timesNatural/ Round/sharp
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