Shotcreting has been in wide use across the world for a long time due to its inherent advantages in terms of cost and convenience over conventional methods in some of the applications. SFRC (Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete) has been the most favored material in these applications due to its inherent characteristics of improving properties of concrete on several fronts.

Addition of Toughcrete or Toughcrete+(steel fiber) to concrete for shotcreting helps in improving its properties not only in the plastic stage but also in the hardened form.

We at Precision Drawellhas overcome many challenges that arise during high tech constructions by optimizing the aspect ratio and shaping the Steel fibers in specific ways. We provide pre-packaged shotcrete material that includes Steel Fiber reinforced concrete. We have a team of researchers, who through years of experience has developeda variety of steel fibersfor shotcrete, as per the client’s specifications and project applications. As SFRC has unique characteristics and we manufacture high-quality SFRC, our clients consider Precision steel fibers for shotcrete application because of numerous advantages.

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Commercial advantages

Elimination of costly and cumbersome formwork

The most economical way of construction for complicated architectural designs

Faster and less labor-oriented way of construction

Benefits of Toughcrete

  • Improved ductility of concrete
  • Improved energy absorption capacity
  • Improved impact resistance
  • Improved crack control
  • Improved toughness
  • Improved tensile strength
  • Better flexibility in executing complicated construction work in difficult-to-reach areas
  • Full reinforcement of concrete surface
  • Better overall performance of concrete


  • Tunnel & underground chamber lining
  • Stabilization in mine construction
  • Stabilization of trenches and slopes
  • Protective Lining
  • Repair and restoration of old structures
  • Sealing work
  • Architectural and landscaping applications
  • Wearing course

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