Steel Fiber

Steel Fibre Constructions And Manufacturer in India

These steel fibres when mixed with concrete increases the flexural strength of the composite by 25% to 100%. The flexural strength varies depending upon the proportion of fibres added and mix design. Steel fiber technology helps to transform an inflexible material that breaks easily under stress into a more flexible one. Risk of cataclysmic failure of concrete effectively lowers down because of the fibres which continue to support the load even if any crack occurs. And while measured rates of improvement vary steel fibre reinforced concrete exhibits higher post-crack flexural strength, better crack resistance, higher resistance to spalling, higher first crack strength, and improved fatigue strength.

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Steel Fiber for Reinforced Concrete
We also known as the leading steel fiber manufacturer in India. Steel fibre is used in steel fiber reinforced concrete process. We always available to export our stainless steel fiber, wires & Still fibers for reinforced Concrete to South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Zambia and All over India.