Steel fiber for concrete


Toughcrete & Toughcrete+ steel fiber is cold drawn steel wire fibre crafted from high quality, low carbon steel for applications in cement concrete. It evenly distributes in concrete mixture to provide improved mechanical properties of concrete such as flexural strength, shear strength, fatigue endurance, impact resistance and ductility. Toughcrete is a reliable, cost effective concrete reinforcement that is designed for ease of mixing, placing and finishing.

Features & Benefits of Toughcrete & Toughcrete+

  •  Complies with ASTM A820.
  • Toughcrete available in ‘Hooked end’, ‘Round crimp’, and ‘Flat crimped’ forms, and Toughcrete+ available in ‘Hooked end’ form.
  • Manufactured in different diameters, lengths and aspect ratio to suit specific applications in SFRC.
  • Provides uniform, multi-directional concrete reinforcement.
  • Improves flexural strength, shear strength, fatigue endurance, impact resistance and ductility of concrete.
  •  Provides contraction joint stability and crack width control.
  •  No special equipment required for mixing, placing or finishing.
  • Requires less labor to incorporate in concrete applications than conventional reinforcement.
  • Offers greater control over project scheduling.
  • Compatible with all types of cements and admixtures.
  • Backed by team of specialists to ensure optimum product performance and cost efficiency.



 Diameter (mm)  Length (mm)  Aspect Ratio
 0.50 25,30,35,50  50,60,70,100
 0.60  25,30,35,50 45,50,60,85
 0.70  30,35,50,60   40,50,70,85
 0.80 40,50,60  50,60,75
1.00  50,60


Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Aspect Ratio
0.50 25,30,35,50 50,60,70,100
0.60 25,30,35,50 45,50,60,85
0.70 30,35,50,60 40,50,70,85
0.80 40,50,60 50,60,75
1.00 50,60



Applications of ToughCrete & Toughcrete+

  • High performance steel fiber concrete for residential, commercial, industrial as well as infrastructure projects.
  • Sprayed concrete (Shotcreting) for tunnels, mines, irrigation canals as well as for repair works.
  • Commercial and Industrial floors.
  • Bridges, Culverts and Hydrodynamic structures.
  • Highways & Airport pavements.
  • Bus and truck terminal pavements.
  • Parking bays and driveways in residential and commercial premises.
  • Heavy equipment foundations.
  • Precast concrete products.
  • Seismic resistant and blast proof structures.


For optimum results of Toughcrete & Toughcrete+ kindly refer to the hand-out- ‘Get the best out of  Toughcrete & Toughcrete+ on Usage; Dosage; Packaging and Safety Precautions available on this website.


How it works?

These steels fibres when mixed with concrete increases the flexural strength of the composite by 25% to 100%. The flexural strength varies depending upon the proportion of fibres added and mix design. Steel fibre technology helps to transform an inflexible material that breaks easily under stress into a more flexible one. Risk of cataclysmic failure of concrete effectively lowers down because of the fibres which continue to support the load even if any crack occurs. And while measured rates of improvement vary steel fibre reinforced concrete exhibits higher post-crack flexural strength, better crack resistance, higher resistance to spalling, higher first crack strength, and improved fatigue strength.

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