Established in the year 1985; Precision Drawell Pvt Ltd has become the biggest producer and steel fiber manufacturers in Zambia for the reinforcement of concrete. Our brand for steel fibre exporters in Zambia is made as per the requirements and weexport the things globally.

Steel fibre concrete supply in Zambia by Precision Drawell Pvt Ltd gives the Steel Fibers a QW tangible its high performance because the steel fibre materials are homogeneously distributed. Thus adding to significantly increased load-bearing capacity, great strength and high-impact level of resistance for a longer life-time with less repair later our company is preferred most.

From Hydel Power Projects, Tunnels, Roads, Bridges, Factory Floorings to exports we at Precision Drawell supply both private and government sectors giving us a wide range of experience.

Our reputation has carried over to reinforced concrete manufacturing in Zambia and steel reinforced concrete in Zambia as one of the few top quality produces in the county. We aspire each day to add top quality and competition to our products.  We are involved in production of fibers for refractory, refinery, foundry and construction sectors. We have been serving all leading producers of the concerned industry with total fulfilment with our range of products.

Our dedicated employees have relevant tertiary experience along with decades of experience in the municipal construction and exploration areas with expert understanding of fibre reinforced concrete in Zambia. This mixture of expertise in materials and technological innovation has noticed man-made materials capable of rivalling traditional metal strengthening on a cost & performance basis.

Precision Drawell Pvt Ltd provides significant commercial areas demanding tangible architectural encouragement for all types of products. We’ve built our popularity on the strength of our products which have been proven by significant organizations and technological innovation experts globally.

We are a leading producing company for various Qualities of steel fiber which is used in various industries.