Micro Silica

Microsilica Application


One of the most heterogeneous items used in the construction sector is concrete. The major ingredient required for making concrete is cement but its hackneyed usage marks to be a serious environmental concern. This issue could be addressed by seeking the help of novel imperative cementing materials and microsilica proves to be one such alternative. Microsilica, otherwise known as Silica Fume is an exquisitely fine polymorph of silica in amorphous form. It unfolds as a by-product when ferrosilicon alloys or silicon metals are produced using electrical –arc furnaces. It is essentially silicon dioxide (greater than 90%) in a non-crystalline shape and is understood for possessing cementitious and pozzolanic properties as well. The components such as oxides of aluminum, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and sodium alongside sulphur and carbon constitute the remaining part of the microsilica. Found in spherical shapes, microsilica is further processed to get rid of impurities and also to regulate the size of the particles. The average diameter of silica fumes ranges from 100nm to 200nm.  Microsilica is durable and tends to supply great resistance against steel corrosion.

Microsilica as a Concrete Additive

Microsilica, when used as an admixture to concrete, provides a high pozzolanic effect and can be used as a concrete additive for various purposes.

  • Microsilica Waterproof Concrete – Microsilica offers low permeability and thus can prove beneficial when used as an inherent waterproof concrete.
  • High-performance Concrete – High-performance concrete is an extensively used ingredient in the construction industry universally. It can be manufactured using dmixture components like microsilica and thus exceeds the attributes and constructability of regular concrete. High-performance concrete produced with microsilica offers increased impact resistance and abrasion to heavy structures such as floors, decks, overlays, etc.

Microsilica for Tunneling Operations


The application of microsilica in tunneling operations is admired in several ways, the most popular application being shotcrete. Known as mortar or air-blown concrete, shotcrete is a type of concrete conveyed aerially onto a surface with great pressure and velocity using pipe and hose. This enhances the resistance to the erosive process by water in wet areas and marine construction. It is typically used on uneven and rough surfaces such as swimming pools, underground tunneling and retaining walls, etc. It is most commonly used for slope protections and places where normal concrete cannot be applied.

Achieving Resistance using Microsilica

The usage of micro silicon is highly appreciated where resistance to certain factors proves to be an excellent deal. Few instances where microsilica acts as a savior are included –

  • Abrasion Resistance – Microsilica along with concrete is highly preferred in the construction of dam spillways due to its great hydraulic erosion-abrasion resistance properties.
  • Chemical Resistance – A wide array of microsilica applications find their way in constructions that are exposed to several chemicals such as nitrates, phosphates, petrochemicals, and mineral acids.
  • Corrosion Resistance – Microsilica, possessing stunted permeability imparts great defense against the incursion of chloride ions helping increase the time taken by them to set foot on the surface and begin corrosion.
  • Sulphate Resistance – Microsilica admixture provides a high magnitude safeguarding against sulphate ions due to its low propensity for sulphate ion penetration.

Microsilica with Refractory Materials


Refractory materials generally use unencrypted silicon fume powder to increase their strength. Microsilica can be used to elevate the liquidity of fluid refractory materials thereby reducing water consumption. Having solid hydrophilic, microsilica can also help achieve strong cohesion in refractory materials, thus improving the resistance performance concerning high temperature.

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