Steel Fibre

Micro Steel Fibre Application

As we know with the advent of new technology, the construction and building industry is witnessing rapid changes and demands a wide range of grade-specific products. Steel Fibre is one of the products, in the true sense, an effective reinforcement material that provides the much-needed toughness to the concrete with durability and flexural strength. Subsequently; it ensures the high performance of the concrete during construction.

High - Performance Concrete

The major application of High-Performance Concrete (HPC) can be found in multi-story buildings as well as infrastructure projects. The use of Steel fibre High-Performance Concrete improves the overall mechanical properties of the concrete. And such concrete is called ‘Ultra-High Performance Steel fibres in Concrete (UHPFRC). As compared to normal HPC, it has got innumerable benefits. The addition of Toughcrete or Toughcrete+ (Steel Fibre) to HPC also provides high performance to concrete and best service life. Application of Steel Fibre in High-Performance Concrete is used in towering commercial buildings, stadium and sports arenas, Public utility buildings, bridges, and flyovers in longer spans, aesthetic canopies, heavy-duty and aesthetic purposes. 

miro steel fibre
Micro Steel Fibre
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