PC Wire

PC Wire Application

As we are aware that Prestressed Concrete Wire (PC Wire) is reputed for low-relaxation that gives compression stress to compensate tensile stress to be exerted on a structure from an external force. It has got the varied application in the modern construction and building industry. PC wire is extensively used in major construction projects of cast concrete components. Because of its strength and elasticity, PC wire is used in bridges and high-rise buildings. To make it, drawing lines have to perform extremely effectively. Thus it is used ranging from railway track sleepers, ground stabilizing piles, floor beams, and pipe systems such as bridges, crane beams, cement poles, Prestressed concrete pressure pipe, multi-factory frameworks, subway, railway sleepers, poles, dams, nuclear power plants, high-rise buildings and houses, anchor, railway sleepers, panel, and concrete pipes, etc. The foremost reason behind the usage of PC wire in a variety of projects is its capacity to increase strength, and the process predominantly involves the incessant heating and stretching of a cold drawn high-carbon steel wire to manufacture the product with minimum follies that holds much better yield stress that leads to reduced load relaxation. Besides, it also increases the flexibility of a Pre-stressed Concrete Reinforcement that produces desirable results.

pc wire application

PC Wire (Indented) for pole reinforcement

IS: 6003

The Indented PC Wire is an integral part of multiple construction projects and it is chiefly used in pole reinforcement. The main features of PC Wire (Indented) include higher fatigue, corrosion resistance this also helps it to perform well at elevated temperature. All these advantages make PC Wire (Indented) the best option for pole reinforcement.

Diameter 4.00 + 0.05mm

UTS – 1715 N/mm2 (Min)

Proof Stress

At 0.2% extn. Min. 85% of tensile strength

% Elongation Min. 3.0% at 200mm gauge length

Reverse Bend Minimum 3 Bends

Indentations as per clause 4.2 of IS – 6003

Relaxation test

100 hours, once in a month & 1000 hours once in a year

For 100  hrs. – Max. Loss in applied load – 3.5%

For 100  hrs. – Max. Loss in applied load – 5.0%


PC Wire for Railway Sleepers

Uncoated stress-relieved strand for prestress concrete (3mm, 3ply)

 IS: 6006

Prestressed concrete Wires (PC Wires) are the most commonly used type of Railway Sleepers. As the PC Wires are endowed with durability, load capacity, improves the structural behavior and facilitates PC Wire to play an essential role in track performance and safety. 

The nominal cross-sectional area of strand 21.21mm2

Nominal mass of strand (9m/meter) 1669m/meter

Breaking load of strand 38.25kn (min)

Proof load of strand 32.460 (min)

Lay a length of strand 72 to 108 mm

% Elongation min. 3.5% at 200 mm G.L.

Relaxation test #FFF7E6  For 100 hrs. max. Loss in applied load – 3.5% for 1000 hrs. Max loss in applied load – 5.0%

PC Wire for Prestressed Concrete Pipes

Plain hard drawn steel wire for Prestressed concrete for home pipes

IS: 1785 (PT2)

Prestressed Concrete Wire (PC Wire) for concrete pipes holds high tensile strength and produce uniform compressive strength acting as a water barrier between concrete layers, the Prestressing wires produce a uniform compressive pressure in the core that offset tensile stresses in the pipe, and the mortar coating protects the Pre-stressing wires from physical damage and external corrosion. These are manufactured to different international standards and the specific requirement of each customer.

Diameter 4.0 + 0.03 mm

UTS 1715 N/mm2 (min.)

Reverse Bend Min. 3 Bends

% Elongation Mn 3.0% at 200mm Gauge length

Proof Stress 131.25 wt/mm2 (min.)

prestressed concrete wire
pc wire for pre stressed concrete

PC Wire for Bridge construction

As mentioned earlier, PC Wire is extensively used in Prestressed concrete construction and one of its important applications can be seen in bridge construction. PC Wires offer consistency in quality waterproofing, finishing, load-bearing capacity, and performance.

PC Wire for rock-soil anchoring Project

Just like the large-span bridges, PC Wire is also used in rock-soil anchoring Projects. The PC wire helps to regulate the soil movement such as ground displacement and subsidence Load distributive compression. It gives high tensile strength and bonding. It also strengthens, stabilizes soil and rock masses and resisting structural movements are achieved by anchoring via Prestressed reinforcement to withstand lateral forces temporary tie-backs in the soil are also necessary for the successful construction of shallow foundations.

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