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Polypropylene Fibre (PP Fibre)

PP is used in industries as it can be converted to fibre/ filament by the traditional melt spinning process. This makes them an important material in the synthetic fibre market.

What We Do?

Polypropylene Monofilament Fibre

ToughCrete Polypropylene Micro Fibre is a kind high intensity bundle monofilament made from virgin polypropylene through unique technology. PP Fibre are inherently acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, weak thermal conductivity and have extremely stable chemical properties, Adding mortar or concrete can effectively control the micro-cracks caused by temperature changes in the initial plastic shrinkage stage of mortar and concrete, prevent and suppress the formation and development of cracks, greatly improve the anti-crack and anti-seepage performance, anti-impact and anti-seismic ability of concrete, which can be widely used in underground waterproofing, roofing, wall and floor of industrial and civil construction projects. pools, basements, roads and bridges. It is a new ideal material for crack resistance, seepage resistance and wear resistance of mortar and concrete engineering.

Technical Data

Material Polypropylene Type Monofilament
Diameter 18-50μm Density 0.91 g/cm³
Melting Point 160-170°C Ignition Point 560°C
Acid & Alkali Resistance Strong Water Absorbency No
Tensile Strength >380Mpa Elastic Modulus >3500Mps
Crack Elongation 20%±5% Length 3mm, 6mm, 12mm, 18mm or Customized
Remark The tensile strength, diameter, can be customized according to requirement.

Polypropylene Macro Fibre (PP Fibre)

Polypropylene Macro Fibre is made of polypropylene as raw material by special technology. Its special greatly improves the bonding force in concrete and at the same time it has the characteristics of high fracture strength and easy dispersion, which greatly improves the crack resistance of concrete, improves the characteristics of low tensile strength, low ultimate elongation and brittleness of concrete and prolongs the service life of concrete.

TDS Strongcrete Micro PP Fibre

Effective Diameter Length Sp. Gravity Dosages Water Absorption Melting Point Aspect Ratio Ignition point Crack Elongation Tensile Strength Alkali and Acid Resistance
18-50 Microns 6,12,20 mm & as per Requirement 0.91 m/s2 0.91 Kg/ M3 Nil 160-170°C 500.10 560°C 20% ± 5% >380 Mpa Good

TDS Strongcrete Micro PP Fibre

Effective Diameter Length Sp. Gravity Dosages Water Absorption Melting Point Aspect Ratio Ignition point Young Modulus Tensile Strength Alkali and Acid Resistance
0.8 to 0.9 Microns 36,50,54 mm & as per Requirement 0.90 - 0.93 m/s2 5 - 9 Kg/ M3 Nil 160-170°C ≥64 560°C 10-12 Gpa >550-650 Mpa Excellent

Polypropylene Fibrillated Fibre

TougthCrete Polypropylene Fibrillated Fibre is made of modified polybine as raw material, through extrusion, stretching, netting, surface modification treatment, short cutting and other processes. The appearance of the fibers is a network structure formed by the intersection of multiple filaments, When the reticulated fibers are put into concrete the reticulated fibers are extruded and torn into single wires with hooks at both ends and are interwined and distributed in many directions which enhances the bonding force between the fibers and concrete.

A large number of fibers are distributed in concrete in three-dimentional form which provides reticulate supporting effect, fundamentally changes the crack resistance, impact resistance, fatigue resistance and wear resistance of concrete, greatly improves the toughness and deformation ability of concrete and thus greatly improves the quality of concrete engineering, As a new type of concrete reinforcing fiber, polypropylene reticulate fiber is becoming a new hotspot in field of research and application of fiber reinforced concrete.


Material Polypropylene Type Mesh
Melting Point 160-170°C Ignition point 560°C
Tensile Strength 500Mpa min Elastic Modulus 3800Mps min
Density 0.91g/cm³ Acid & Alkali Resistance Strong
Crack Elongation 20%±5% Length 3mm, 6mm, 12mm, 18mm or Customized