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Elastic Rail Clips

Elastic Rail Clips

As we know that fasteners are very important in the railway system and Elastic Rail Clip is one of the general railway fasteners that are used in the system. The principal aim of a fastening is to connect the rail to the sleeper, either directly or indirectly with the use of fastenings. During this, the fastening gets subjected to strong vertical, lateral, and longitudinal forces. The predominantly dynamic forces increase rapidly with increasing loads and speeds.

In addition, vibrations are generated by moving loads mainly on account of geometrical irregularities in the track and due to the forces set up by the imbalance in the rolling stock. Due to the shocks and vibrations caused by moving loads, the rigid fastenings become loose, the interplay between the components of the track develops, track parameters get affected, and rapid deterioration of the track begins. An Elastic Rail Clip can resolve these issues. Elastic Rail Clips can exert the toe-load which can surely maintain the rail position. We are RDSO approved vendor for ERC MK V (RDSO/T5919)

Feauture of ERC Manufactured By Us:

  • Our induction furnace before the forging operations has an automated accept-reject system whenever temperature varies the round bar is automatically rejected leading to consistent clip shape and geometries.
  • With our conveyorized electric quenching and tempering furnaces temperature remains constant resulting in low hardness variation.
  • With conveyorized air cooling resulting in negligible contact between clips after tempering results in a high-quality product.
  • Our automated plant helps in eliminating human errors and hence our product has superior quality.
  • Our process is in control with accordance with IS 31-201843.

These reasons make us a valuable supplier having low failure rate while installation saving a lot of our costumer’s energy and time.

Manufacturing Process:


Hardness 40-44 HRC
Toe-Load 1200-1500 KG
Deflection 13.5 mm
Packaging 50 pieces in a sack
Surface Finish Rust Preventive Oil