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Electrode Quality Wires

Electrode Quality Wires

Generally Electrodes for manual arc welding consist of a rod and a coating material. Electrode Quality Wire is a vital part of a manual electrode as it influences electrode performance and weld metal properties without error.
Electrode Quality Wires or Core Wires used for electrodes hold a cardinal role in welding, as the Electrode Quality Wires regulate uniform current density maintain the thermal balance during the welding while focusing on welding points.
The Electrode Quality Wire electrodes are available in various sizes, materials, and lengths. During the welding process, metal electrodes are used for various welding applications And the Cored Wire or Electrode Quality Wire electrodes can offer a wider variety of metallurgical and physical features than the traditional stick welding and the most important one is maintenance welding.
Another important feature of Electrode Quality Wire is it can provide higher deposition rates without producing excessive electrical resistance heating in small electrodes also.

Features of Electrode Quality Wire

  • Electrode Quality Wires are made of different elements. Standard specifies the wire gauges, technical conditions, acceptance rules, test methods, and packing and marking. The Electrode Quality Wire conducts electric current to the arc to melt the base metal and provides the filler material for the welding joint. As per the core composition, performance, and mechanical properties of the weld, Electrode Quality Wires are mostly classified into two. Gas Shielded & Self-Shielded.
  • These types of core wire are used based on the nature of the project. The Electrode Quality Wires in the gas shield have a spray transfer mode with a fast freezing slag; they can be used in all welding positions. And self-shielded Electrode Quality Wires and have a globular type metal transfer. To accelerate the arc welding, gas shielded flux cored wires are used as they have got a high deposition rate. It also facilitates an effortless removal of slag is an effortless job as compared to that in self-shielded flux-cored wires.
  • The self-shielded can be used in all welding positions and with good low-temperature impact properties. On the other hand, a self-shielded welding wire is capable of producing gas shielding that is a protection armor required by both solid & gas shielding welding wires to protect splash of metal. A self-shielded wire has high portability because it does not require an external shielding gas.

Advantages of Electrode Quality Wire

  • Increased deposition rate: When the welding occurs, it is quite common that a percentage of the welding consumable is lost to slag, and deposition efficiency connects to the amount of a consumable that becomes deposited weld metal. As the Electrode Quality Wires holds the superior deposition efficiency the wastage of consumable has also become low. This also decreases maintenance costs.
  • Superior efficiency in welding: Electrode Quality Wires exhibits high potential in various welding positions flat, horizontal, vertical, or overhead.
  • High Corrosion Resistance: The ability to check corrosion also makes the Electrode Quality Wire a desirable material for welding.
  • Ultimate Tensile strength & Ductility: The increased tensile strength of the Electrode Quality Wire resists the tearing of the material due to tension. The quality of ductility increases the strength and prevents cracking.

Specifications of Electrode Quality Wire

Grades ER 70S6, EQ, EN-12K
Size (mm) 6 mm to 2 mm
Weight ( in kgs) 180 to 250
Inner – DiaMeter ( mm ) 450 mm
Outer – DiaMeter ( mm ) 750 mm
Packaging Material Haisen Cloth, HDPE

Wires can be cut to length as per the requirements of the customer. The wires will be dispatched in boxed containers.