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Micro Steel Fibre

Micro Steel Fibre

Micro Steel Fibre is a brass coated high carbon-steel fibre. It provides high performance densified concrete system. This makes it suitable for infrastructure & construction.

Micro Steel Fibre has a special kind of metal fibre that is strong, has increased tensile strength and crack resistance properties. Making it highly impermeable, improves fatigue resistance and provides shear strength.

UHPC Application

Used for building high-speed railway, RPC Cover plates and engineering components, Micro Steel Fibre is also used for reinforcing concrete.

UHPC is ‘Ultra-high performance fibre-reinforced concrete’ that is the latest form of concrete. UHPC is derived from adding short discrete fibres or continuous long fibres to the cement base. The major reason the industrial market uses UHPC is due to its strength & endurance.

When concrete uses micro steel fibre, the fibre reinforces the concrete in all directions to avoid micro-cracks & it's expansions. This in turn helps block the occurrence & development of macro cracks. Even under extreme pressure, the fibre in the reinforced concrete bears the force. Making the concrete exhibit superior physical & mechanical properties.

Applications of Micro Steel Fibre

  • Industrial ground floor slabs
  • Warehouses, factories & bridge decks
  • Runways & highways
  • Commercial & residential slabbing
  • Shotcrete
  • Tunnels & dams
  • Stabilizing infrastructure

Benefits of Micro Steel Fibre

  • Enhanced crack resistance & endurance levels
  • Improved tensile strength & durability
  • Lesser probability of breakage
  • Increased flexural strength
  • Better joining & maintenance
  • Room for design & long-lasting construction
  • Reduced spalling joint edges
  • Greater fatigue endurance
  • Reduced cost in the long run