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MS Wire

In the matter of stealing the praise for its affordability and versatility, just a few can furnish as great a reliance as mild steel wire. Mild steel wire, commonly known as MS Wire is a steel wire manufactured with low carbon contents.

The carbon content in MS wire accounts for around 0.05% - 0.25%, which provides more strength and toughness as compared to the absolute iron wire and is made by drawing of mild carbon steel rods. These wires tend to draw a massive marketplace call for as they may be directly used to produce numerous general-purpose materials such as wire nettings, wire nails, fencing wire, etc.

Properties of MS Wire

  • Due to the low concentration of carbon, the MS wires own excessive impact and tensile strength.
  • The appreciable amount of iron and ferrite in the MS Wires causes them to turn magnetic.
  • They offer good resistance to breakage and wear.
  • The surface hardness of MS Wires may be intensified by the technique of carburizing. This proves to assist boom the tensile power of the MS Wire as in step with the requirements.
  • These are well-known in the industry to achieve minimal deflection when used as large cross-sectional structures.
  • MS Wires are also acknowledged for being facile to cold-form.

Advantages of MS Wire

  • Affordable - The low quantity of alloying additives makes the manufacturing and utilization of MS wires fantastically affordable. These can be manufactured en masse whilst required in massive portions and consequently show useful for each small and massive scale industries as well.
  • Durable - They are durable and offer a protracted shelf life.
  • Strong - MS Wire possesses high tensile strength.
  • Anti-Corrosive - When galvanized, MS Wires offer top-notch corrosion resistance.
  • Weld-able - The mild steel wires can coalesce with considerable ease.
  • Recyclable - these can be recycled frequently without compromising the quality and their magnetic properties make it easier to recover them from disorganized waste.
  • They are known to hold the shapes well and can be bent easily.

Applications of MS Wire

Being one of the most widely used forms of steel wires, MS Wires with their immeasurable applications are heavily relied upon globally.

MS wires are commonly used in manufacturing -

  • Perimeter security fencing
  • Welded wire mesh, woven wire mesh
  • Galvanized and barbed wire
  • Car sheet
  • Fish trap
  • Hanger
  • Fasteners for instance, nuts and bolts
  • Also used for reinforcement of the concrete pile and fume pipe

Product Specifications

Product Type Material Size Cross-Section Quality Standards
Wire Mild Steel 10mm to 1mm Square, Rectangular, Trapezoidal SAE 1006, SAE 1008, SAE 1010

Why choose us?

We, Precision Drawell are an ISO 9001-2015 certified prominent organization engaged in producing and supplying premium quality iron and steel products. We have mounted ourselves as one of the paramount manufacturers of MS Wires with our in-depth research and profound technical virtuosity. An extensive range of MS Wire with varied sizes is made available to the clients. These wires are prepared using high-grade raw materials to serve the purpose of their application. The services ventured by our company comply with the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) norms and the manufactured products are ISI marked. The MS Wire that we design and develop is acknowledged in the market for tendencies like durability, effectiveness, flexibility, and reliability. We are a team of highly accomplished professionals doing our utmost to cater to the demands of our treasured clients. At Precision Drawell, we purpose to offer superior caliber products and strive for consumer contentment.

Being said that, underneath indexed are a number of the attributes that make us stand out in the marketplace -

  • Stern quality checks
  • Physical examination
  • Lab testing
  • Customized manufacturing following diverse steel-grades
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