Shaped Wires Application

Shaped Wires Application

As we know that Shaped Wires or Profiled Wires are some of the significant metal wires that are predominantly used in several industrial applications. It is commonly found in round or flat forms. Besides this, the Shaped Wires are found in various shapes and sizes to meet the demands of the customers. One of the significant features of Shaped Wire is its high tolerance that makes these wires desirable for industrial sectors like automobile, manufacturing kitchen equipment, utensils, etc.

Let’s find out the various applications of Shaped Wire

Automobile industry: As mentioned earlier, the Shaped Wires are used in manufacturing Spring Washer wire, Snap rings, etc. The Spring Washer Wire is to provide a high load-bearing capacity according to its size. They compensate for joint expansion and contraction, span holes, and maintain high tension in screws and nuts. If Spring Washer Wire is combined in multiple sequences; it will also facilitate numerous load-carrying possibilities. Generally, Spring Washers are used for preloading ball bearings and general applications. They can act against excess wear, vibration, noise. By using Shaped Wire in Spring Washer Wire can accelerate efficiency and smooth operation, decreasing skidding wear on rotating elements. Application of Shaped Wire, in Spring Washer Wire, will also increase the capacity of the Spring Washer Wire to avoid loose internal clearances.

Shaped Wire for manufacturing wipers wire

Another application of Shaped Wire is the production of Wipers Wire. Usually, the Windscreen wipers are provided with a vertebra and a Wiper blade. The Shaped Wire is used in this wiper blade. It has one or more slots or recesses to receive one or more rails. The rails may be in the form of a flattened wire or a wire with a rectangular cross-section. In what is often referred to as a “flat blade”, the rail is a flattened or rectangular wire or has been made of sheet metal. The cardinal role of the rail as spring is that it transmits forces to the wiper blade to hold the blade rubber in good contact with the surface of the windscreen. Shaped Wire helps the rail to bend stronger than the glass face and acts as a leaf-spring member, facilitating movement and flexibility. This will offer improved wiping performance.The rail is made of a drawn or rolled Shaped Wire, and the rail may be provided with a corrosion-resistant coating such as zinc, a zinc-aluminum alloy, or a zinc-aluminum-magnesium alloy.

Shaped Wire in Circlips Wire

Shaped Wire is also used in a circlip consisting of a semi-flexible metal ring with open ends which can be snapped into place, into a machined groove on a dowel pin or other part to permit rotation. Circlips Wire also called round wire retaining rings, is majorly used for use on shafts or in bores. The advantages of using Shaped Wire in Circlips include ease of assembly, low cost to manufacture, and accuracy of positioning. This makes them useful for a wide range of applications.

Application of Shaped Wire in cutting blades

As we understand that the cables and wires must be precisely prepared for the various types of cutting. Shaped Wires used in the cutting blades help the blades to make the cutting process more efficient and optimized for corresponding application, hence the manual forces required for cutting remain low. This also helps the cutting blades to perform a smooth, straight cut without distorting the conductor.

Shaped Wire used in Auto cables

As we are aware that automobile cables have the primary function of transmitting electricity to power various devices equipped on a vehicle such as lighting, air-conditioning units, steering servos, sensors, etc. The Shaped Wire used in these auto cables gives proper mechanical strength and mechanical stress. The application of Shaped Wire in auto cable also provides lasting flexibility which is required for continuous use in machine tools. With their high mechanical strength and good resistance to chemical agents and oil, these cables can withstand tough conditions in most industrial applications.

Shaped Wire used in various kitchen equipment and utensils

The Shaped Wire used in the various kitchen and steel utensils, offer fine mirror polishing to excellent surface finishing. This enhances the quality of the products. Shaped Wires are also highly suitable for electropolishing.
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