Cold Heading Quality Wires

(CHQ Wire)is suitable for cold heading processes owing to its attributes of high ductility and attitude to the tempering process. Our clients can avail from us high-quality CHQ wires. We are the only CHQ wire manufacturers in India that provide various grades of Cold Holding quality wiresto suit the client’s needs.

Precision Drawell is CHQ wire manufacturer in India who has Sphrodise Annealing capacity of 12000 MT per year, under the  technical process of pickling & coating, intermediate drawing, spheroidized annealing and skin pass.

Apart from our most modern wire drawing plant, we have got Chemical & Metallurgical lab for verifying the quality of incoming Steel & also ensuring the quality of outgoing finish wires. Our expertise in making CHQ finish wires and its acceptance amongst our customers gives us an edge over our competitors.

For Precision Drawell, quality is the first priority. We supply finished Cold Heading Quality Wires as per our customer’s specification so that they can achieve the desired properties in the end product. We have established a name in the field of steel wires & got recognition from our customers in our endeavor to excel better & better!

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