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High Carbon Wire

High Carbon Wire is quite popular in varied industries due to its wide range of applications, as they are susceptible to heat that enables the High Carbon Wire to be worked into innumerable forms. They hold great tensile strength which offers much-needed strength to the products. As a result of increased carbon content, the High Carbon Wire has got good wear resistance, which also gives the highest hardness and toughness despite low ductility.

As we know High-Carbon Wire is produced through hot rolling and cold drawing of steel billets that are extensively utilized for pre-stressed concrete, bridge cables, wire ropes, etc. It is a general fact that the quality of the final products largely depends on the quality of wire rods. It can easily handle moderate flattening and bending.

Let’s Check The Main Characteristics of High Carbon Wire…

High carbon steel wires, due to their high mechanical strength and high fatigue characteristics, have been widely used in industrial products such as bridge cables and steel cords for tires. To produce wires that match the requirements for those purposes, a wire drawing process is used. High Carbon Wire is difficult to weld because they contain carbon in the range of 0.6 percent to 1.0 percent. High Carbon Wires are susceptible to heat, and it easily flames hardened which allows it to be worked into many different forms. High carbon steels have greater tensile strength and are used to create products where strength is required.

High Strength

Due to the superior amount of carbon content, the High Carbon Wire is highly strong. This property makes High Carbon Wire industry-friendly and used in many common applications. Apart from this, increasing carbon as the primary alloy for higher strength is usually the most economical approach to improved performance.


Another feature of High-Carbon Wire is extremely hard and tough. It has the highest hardness and toughness. Due to this feature, it is extensively used in many industries. And if you want to accelerate the performance, you can increase the level of the carbon content.

Resistance to Wear

This characteristic of High Carbon Wire is quite remarkable as it is a common fact that Wear is a common phenomenon found in metals due to friction. However, due to the hardness, the High Carbon Wire holds resistance to wear and this makes the High Carbon Wire most suitable for innumerable construction industries.

Advantages of High Carbon Wire

  • Cost-effective
  • Balances ductility
  • Durable
  • Safe to use
  • Environmental friendly