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Steel Fibre Manufacturers in India

Steel fiber plays an important role in infrastructure and construction industries. There are a large number of steel fibre manufactures in India that manufacture and sell various steel wire products across the nation. But standing apart from the rest, Precision Drawell Pvt. Ltd, has created its stern position in the field of steel fibre manufactures with its wide range of quality products. Established in the year 1985 in Nagpur, Maharashtra, we at Precision Drawell have been setting records and winning trust of the customers throughout the Country as reputed steel fiber manufactures. Precision Drawell has a team of expert individuals who have hands-on experience in steel fibres construction. Manufacturing of steel fiber involves great caressing of raw products. Only when they are mixed appropriately under optimum conditions of temperature and pressure standard quality fiber steel is produced.

Steel fibers basically find their usage along with cement and concrete. Cement has a tendency to weaken with time, thereby developing cracks in the construction. Hence, it should be mixed with proper steel fiber to increase its durability and life expectancy. Three factors mainly enhance the quality of cement that is mixed with steel fiber, which are as follows:

  • Rupture Modulus: Appropriate mixture of cement and steel fiber will prevent unnecessary ruptures with time.
  • Toughness Index: The presence of the right fiber steel in cement will increase its toughness, meaning its capacity to withstand tensile forces.
  • Tensile Strength: When steel fibre is mixed with cement, forces or weight that the cement shall bear will be proportionately divided throughout the flooring, thereby preventing the cement flooring to crack at particular areas.

Thus, by knowing the above properties of cement that are responsible for strong cement infrastructure, it is possible to measure the importance of using the right steel fibre. The search for the right material ends at Precision Drawell. Since our establishment, we have been ruling as pioneers of steel fiber manufactures in India. The main vision at Precision Drawell is to research and develop even better fiber steel, using latest technologies, at the same time being environment friendly. With rigorous efforts and research, in the year 2012 we were able to launch a brand of steel fiber names as “Toughcrete” and “Toughcrete+”.

Toughcrete or toughcrete+ steel fibers can be used in residential, commercial, industrial and other areas of construction fields. These steel fibers are manufactured with latest technologies and hence, are efficient in increasing the cement’s flexural strength up to 25 to 100% and also the capacity to withstand load without cracking is enhanced to a great extent. The toughcrete and toughcrete+ brand has the following premium steel fiber properties which have proved to be highly advantageous in various fields of usage:

  • They comply with ASTM A820 standards.
  • They are manufactured in appropriate measurements of height, width and diameter that easily suit SFRC.
  • They are available in various forms such as ‘hooked end’, ‘flat crimp’ and ‘round crimp’.
  • Additional mixing equipments are not required, as these steel fibers can easily mix with cement, thus creating a uniform texture.
  • The packaging is done with supreme care and quality, which ensures safe delivery of the steel fiber without rust and damages.

With supreme quality and standard packaging coupled with on time delivery, Precision Drawell Pvt. Ltd proves to be one of the leading steel fiber manufactures in India.


Steel Fibre Uses & Benefits

These steel fibres when mixed with concrete increases the flexural strength of the composite by 25% to 100%. The flexural strength varies depending upon the proportion of fibres added and mix design. Steel fiber technology helps to transform an inflexible material that breaks easily under stress into a more flexible one. Risk of cataclysmic failure of concrete effectively lowers down because of the fibres which continue to support the load even if any crack occurs. And while measured rates of improvement vary steel fibre reinforced concrete exhibits higher post-crack flexural strength, better crack resistance, higher resistance to spalling, higher first crack strength, and improved fatigue strength.


Steel Fiber Manufactures at Precision Drawell

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